Wednesday 13 December 2017

December session

December's session was a throwback to the Wild West games I used to run at Christmas time. It's been at least 7 years since I ran one, I just couldn't find a set of rules I liked and also thought would be fun for the players and then I kind of forgot I had Wild West stuff.

Late last year I picked up Shoot n Skedaddle (from Turnstyle games), and thought they looked like they would fit my stringent requirements (fun to play and easy to run).

I ran two games last Sunday (10th December), in my Wild West town of Shinbone.

The first game was scenario one, with each of 4 player drawing 3 characters, one player drew a cowboy and both Soiled Doves I suggested he swap one out for a redraw but he declined). No Pictures of that game. It was mainly to get everyone acquainted with the rules.

We broke for lunch and afterwards played the scenario one again with new characters.
Outlaws hanging around near the Saloon,
Some of the forces of Law and Order, The Judge (inside) and Mountain Man in the street,

Bodies piling up at the corner of the Dry Goods Store

Mountain man's body atop Herman's Feed and seed.
Mid way through the game the Lawmen turned one of the outlaws (via special card), but then the outlaws had a townsman join them (via another special card) he popped up near the corner of the dry goods store, very near the end of a turn, and so got both actions quickly. Oh and he had a Mare's Leg
3 men remain, a pair of outlaws vs. the Bounty Hunter (atop the Sheriff's office) One outlaw has taken a hostage

The game was called at that point, the bounty hunter had a Carbine but the only target he had was the hostage taker who was rooted in cover with his hostage and the other outlaw was wounded.

Players had a great time, but now expect more games of this, I guess I'll have to step up my terrain, Thanks! Turnstyle games.

One thing players didn't like was the amount of one shot weapons, (by one shot I mean you get 1 shot then have to reload before you can shoot again), but that could just have been the luck of the draw.