Monday, 23 July 2012

August Session

I will be running the game in August on the 26th  at 10.A.M. in the community room at Police HQ.

1/72 scale world war 2 using Fireball Forward

It is similar in scope as Squad leader, but hopefully will be easier and quicker to play then the miniatures conversion we are currently using.

July's game report

The game this month was Red Actions! a Russian Civil War game run by Doug, in 6mm (or 1/285th scale). The First side to inflict 40% casualties , based on units, wins

The Reds sent 2 of their Cavalry regiments (companies to one side of the village while the other regiment went around the other side, their Tchanka (machine-gun on a wagon, think 1920's technical) parked on the hill and shot at the White infantry and mortar in the village. The Whites set up with a cavalry Regiment on either side of the village, and were going to shift one of the regiments to which ever side the Reds came around in force, leaving a covering force of a unit to hold as long as possible, which turned out to be one turn, it was charged, routed and was chased for 2 more turns before it was destroyed.

The White mortar scored a lucky first shot, retiring one squadron right off the table, then the Tchankas got on the hill and started shooting up the village and quickly eliminated the mortar unit, and then kept firing on the infantry which could not reply as the were out of range.

The whites were just too outnumbered and outgunned to win (kind of historical I guess).

Catch up

I just realized that I was a few month's behind in updating the blog.

In May Britain invaded Israel in Martin's Cold War Commander game. The game started off with both sides suffering Command blunders, the UK troops got attacked by friendlies, and the Israeli's had an entire brigade leave the table, (and not come back)

The brigade in the wedge formation got orders to retire from the battlefield on its first command roll

The gap (where the two dice are) is where a Brigade was before it got destroyed by Friendlies

Israeli Paratroops land and proceed to attempt to capture the town.

But they take a few casualties

In June we did World War I Aerial combat using the "new" set of rules called Wings of Glory, formerly known as Wings of War.