Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Recruiting Session

Recruiting session

There are NO membership fees, as our regular venue, the community room at Police HQ is free.

This special session will take place in The Game Chamber March 24th starting at 12:30 PM and ending no later than 4:30.

The game: A World War, 2 East Front, German vs. Soviet meeting engagement.

The rules: Battlegroup Kursk, a skirmish set of rules where one model represents one soldier, a gun or a vehicle, soldiers are grouped into squads, crew or weapons teams.

If you plan on attending please leave a comment, so I'll have some idea of how many to expect.

The Why: For many years the HGA has been the same 4-6 guys, I would like to attract a few more players, especially if they could run an occasional game. Over the years, I've run many games at Hotlead, partly in an attempt to meet and hopefully entice other locals to join us, and I have met many Londoners playing in my games or I played in games with them. But despite comments from many of them indicating interest, not a single one of them has ever showed up. Advertising was hampered as there was no store in which we could post a flyer.

Now that there is a F.L.G.S. (Friendly Local Game Store) with a large, well lit gaming area. I will go to where the gamers are, on the day we usually meet.

If this session goes well, I may run more Historical games at The Game Chamber.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Announcement March Session

March session

There will be no session at the Police Station this month, as our regular date once again co-incides with Hotlead. All of our members will be there, at least Saturday some all weekend

I plan to run a World War 2 game at the Game Chamber that Sunday (the 24th). The rules used will be either Fireball Forward or Battlegroup Kursk, I haven't decided which yet.

Check the game chamber calendar for details.

Report: February Session

February Session

Rules were our minaturised Advanced Squad Leader conversion. Scale is /72nd.

American paratroopers defending a bridge from the Germans in Normandy.  Greg supplied most of the infantry and tanks and terrain, I supplied the hills, trees some leaders and the German HMG team.

The Germans came on all three tables edges with the tanks coming on in front of the captured PAK 40 and losing a tank to it, but managed to break the crew, their infantry got broken and with only three leaders took some time rallying, the Germans managed to eventually clear one side of the river but were unable to get across in the allotted time, they had to capture the hill and the lone building on the other side of the river