Saturday, 8 December 2012

Announcement: December session

December 16th

   That's right a week earlier than usual, as many members would be out of town by the 23rd, all the other details are the same as always i.e. Community Room, Police HQ 10AM start time.

   WW1 Aerial Combat using "Wings of Glory" run by Jim.

November Session report

November 2012, Session Report

Jim was going to run A WW1 aerial Aircraft game, but as Michael was free he offered to run a  Seven Years War game, using Black Powder Battles and its 7YW expansion.

The rules were easy to pick up, but (as with all new rules) there were gripes.

The biggest was cavalry are quite resistant to damage, attackers hit on a 5 or 6, regardless of range, and then the cavalry get a save of 3+, so you hit 1/3 of the time and then they save away 2/3rds of them time.

   We were told before the game started, that cavalry charging the front of an infantry unit would get massacred, but we quickly figured out that the cavalry is virtually unstoppable, and many charges by cavalry ensued.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Announcement: November's game


The game this month (baring someone else volunteering) will be World War 1 Aircraft, using Wings of Glory, (formerly Wings of War), run by Jim.

Some new planes are expected to be out by then (for all I know they already are out).

Monday, 29 October 2012

October session report

Fireball Forward

Another outing for my 1944 East front scenario.

 I made a few changes from when I ran it in August, added more cover (especially in the middle of the board), tweaked set up areas and modified the Victory conditions slightly.

We managed to complete all 6 turns and it resulted in a hard fought Soviet victory, but only because vehicles block LOS, the Soviets parked a tank right in front of the only German squad that had LOS to the bridge so it could not get LOS to the bridge.

Before we broke for lunch it looked like the Germans were going to win easily, after we resumed play the Germans could not rally worth a damn (for the rest of the game) I have never seen so many 1's rolled on rally attempts, to make matters worse the Germans lost almost (one Mark IV survived) all their AT assets in one turn.

Soviet Forces preparing to enter the table.
Machine guns dueling it out.

A Soviet tank parks right in front of a MG42 to block its shooting

A panzerschrek team pops up and kills a T34, but is quickly dispatched.
The PAK 40's crew broken, it spent most of the game in this state in the woods next to them is a MG42 team also broken.

Soviets regrouping after clearing theses woods.
Assaulting the house

Positions at game end, the T34/85 in the woods is the game winner, because the Good order squad next to it cannot see the bridge.             

Friday, 19 October 2012

Announcement: October's game

October's Game:

Rules: Fireball Forward

Scenario: A WW2 East Front battle set in 1944.

Scale: 1/72

A replay of the game I ran in August and September for the Hamilton Road gaming group, with a few small changes suggested by the rules author.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Monday, 27 August 2012

August session report

Fireball Forward were the rules, and unlike my Kampfgruppe Normandy rules, everyone liked them!
There were a few things players thought could use tweaking, mainly there was far too much opportunity fire, but that was partly due to me thinking the Squads range was d20 +20" when it is actually d20+10"

Since there are no late war Eastern Front scenarios in the rule book I had to make one of my own, but I felt confident I could do an adequate job, I play a lot of Advanced Squad Leader which are similar enough to fireball that felt I could design a not too unbalanced game, except I did not take in to account two players one having crappy dice and the other fantastic dice, Jim could not hit, or pass a single morale check and Glenn did not fail many morale checks, and when he did he would immediately rally (either he was rolling a lot of 6's or I forgot to mention when a unit self rallies it needs a 6 on a d6), to make things worse they were on opposite sides, with Glenn being a Soviet.

The Germans were setting up and I was looking for something to draw a map with, to keep track of hidden units, when Bob suggests I just take pictures.

So here they are:


Font line defenders, these guys would all be dead by the end of turn one, accomplishing nothing.

A Panzerschrek team in the woods near the PAK 40

The other German Platoon, split in 2 wooded areas. there is also a MG team, a squad and the company C.O. in the building
   For those curious the scale is 1/72, Infantry is a mix of Plastic Soldier Company, Italeri, actual ESCI, Armourfast, Pegasus Hobbies and Caesar miniatures, tanks are Plastic Soldier Company, Armourfast and Italeri, PAK 40 is Italeri.

   All the terrain is scratch built (by me) except the river, which I ordered from HOTZ artworks and is their Felt River System and the conifer trees which Ive had so long I forget whose make they are.

Soviets' advance, at the end of turn 1.

Midway through turn 2, the PAK 40 appears and slays a T34

Soviets' end of turn 2. the German squad in the building is dead and the MG and company C.O. also there in are broken and fled into the woods near the riverbank.

German reinforcements arrive

Monday, 23 July 2012

August Session

I will be running the game in August on the 26th  at 10.A.M. in the community room at Police HQ.

1/72 scale world war 2 using Fireball Forward

It is similar in scope as Squad leader, but hopefully will be easier and quicker to play then the miniatures conversion we are currently using.

July's game report

The game this month was Red Actions! a Russian Civil War game run by Doug, in 6mm (or 1/285th scale). The First side to inflict 40% casualties , based on units, wins

The Reds sent 2 of their Cavalry regiments (companies to one side of the village while the other regiment went around the other side, their Tchanka (machine-gun on a wagon, think 1920's technical) parked on the hill and shot at the White infantry and mortar in the village. The Whites set up with a cavalry Regiment on either side of the village, and were going to shift one of the regiments to which ever side the Reds came around in force, leaving a covering force of a unit to hold as long as possible, which turned out to be one turn, it was charged, routed and was chased for 2 more turns before it was destroyed.

The White mortar scored a lucky first shot, retiring one squadron right off the table, then the Tchankas got on the hill and started shooting up the village and quickly eliminated the mortar unit, and then kept firing on the infantry which could not reply as the were out of range.

The whites were just too outnumbered and outgunned to win (kind of historical I guess).