Monday, 29 October 2012

October session report

Fireball Forward

Another outing for my 1944 East front scenario.

 I made a few changes from when I ran it in August, added more cover (especially in the middle of the board), tweaked set up areas and modified the Victory conditions slightly.

We managed to complete all 6 turns and it resulted in a hard fought Soviet victory, but only because vehicles block LOS, the Soviets parked a tank right in front of the only German squad that had LOS to the bridge so it could not get LOS to the bridge.

Before we broke for lunch it looked like the Germans were going to win easily, after we resumed play the Germans could not rally worth a damn (for the rest of the game) I have never seen so many 1's rolled on rally attempts, to make matters worse the Germans lost almost (one Mark IV survived) all their AT assets in one turn.

Soviet Forces preparing to enter the table.
Machine guns dueling it out.

A Soviet tank parks right in front of a MG42 to block its shooting

A panzerschrek team pops up and kills a T34, but is quickly dispatched.
The PAK 40's crew broken, it spent most of the game in this state in the woods next to them is a MG42 team also broken.

Soviets regrouping after clearing theses woods.
Assaulting the house

Positions at game end, the T34/85 in the woods is the game winner, because the Good order squad next to it cannot see the bridge.             

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  1. Im sorry I let the Reich down George, The dice beat me like a red headed step child after lunch