Sunday, 22 April 2012

April's Session Report

There were only 6 attendees this month, 5 players and the GM.

They were divided into two German and three U.S. players. The rules were Kampfgruppe Normandy from Warhammer Historical. The scenario "Hold the Line" had the U.S. attacking, each side had 350 points worth of troops.

It will probably be the last play of these rules, as no one liked them, aside from the GM.

A pre game picture.

Americans advancing

More Americans advancing.

German Order of Battle
Battlegroup commander (3 men and a Kubelwagen)
1 Forward artillery observer (2 men and a Kubelwagen)
1 Sniper (1 man)
1 Platoon of Infantry
    (3 rifle teams of 5 men + 3 mmg teams of 3 men and a 6 man platoon HQ)
2 Panzerschrek teams (2 men each)
1 dedicated 80mm mortar battery
5 Low Priority Fire Missions
5 counter Battery Missions
1 Registered Target point
1 squadron of STuG IIIGs (3 Assault Guns)
1 Panzer IV H
2 Supply trucks
Morale 20

U.S. Order of Battle
Battlegroup commander (3 men and a jeep)
1 Forward artillery observer (2 men and a jeep)
2 Foot patrols (10 men each)
1 Reinforced platoon of Infantry
    (4 10 man squads and a 4 man platoon HQ)
2 MMG teams (3 men and a M1917A1 each)
1 Light mortar team (2 men and 60mm mortar)
1 Dedicated 105mm howitzer battery
3 Low Priority Fire Missions
1 Recon HQ M8 Armoured car
1 Squadron Shermans (3 tanks)
1 Supply truck
Morale 29


  1. Looks an interesting game - fairly similar to one I've recently played myself. Interested to see your comments on the Kampfgruppe Normandy ruleset - I've read a few reviews in the wargames press but not played these before myself. Why not try Force on Force WW2?

    1. I have played a few WW2 games of Force on Force, but they didn't "feel" like WW2.

      I was going to link to some of the WW2 games I did using Force on Force, but Fortunecity, the web daomain that hosted the Club website is now Dotster and as of April 30th won't allow access to the site any more, some warning may have been nice :(