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September Session report

September Session report

Rules: Black Powder (Warlord Games)

Scenario: Fighting retreat at El Perez (Spain 1809)

I made a few changes to the rules due to my use of 6mm figures.

I did away with counting figures and just count bases, 1-2 bases a tiny unit, 3-4 bases small units,
5-6 bases average size and 7-8 Large units.

I also reduced all measurements by33%, since I like most people don't have a 12' x 6' table.

I also made a minor change to the scenario, its recommended game length is "until it gets dark outside" I changed it to 8 turns.

Only had 4 players (Wim, his fiance Jo, Greg and Glenn) while I GMed, I think it was the perfect amount for such a small scenario. Greg played the Anglo-Portuguese

French rupturing the British line at El Perez

Anglo-Portuguese racing for the bridge, one tiny French unit trying to hold them, unfortunately its been disordered by long range artillery fire

The garrison got shot again by artillery and this time rolled 4 or less on its break test, so its gone, replaced by a Tim Hortsn's coffee cup (it has tea inside)

Greg gloating, "You guys have no chance, just give up now"

The British have dispersed the garrison and are preparing to exit.

My new dice frames
The Scots Greys holding the bridge (they are actually just blocking it) against a horde of slavering Frenchmen. Rifles on the far side, the undisordered (yellow marker indicates disorder) rifle unit on the road is the eighth unit to exit and he did it on turn 8.

To win the British had to get 8 units off the table via the bridge, they just managed to do it. On turn 5 it looked like they were going to win easily, but then suffered a series of command rolls where they were unable to move at all or just a single move.

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